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fort lauderdale floridaThe eastern seaboard of the southern United States is known for its great beaches and, in the opinion of many, Florida's beaches are some of the most beautiful.

Florida has double the coastline because of its unique peninsular shape; and its deep southern location makes for a wonderful year-round climate, with temperatures averaging 77 degrees year-round.

Florida's many assets include citrus groves, rich Everglades, incredible fishing of all types, and small island getaway paradises.

The state's economy is enjoying an upswing that does not presently show an end in sight, and this sunny future is making Florida a great play to live, work, and play.

Of Florida's many cities and resort areas, Fort Lauderale seems to embody the spirit, history, cultural amenities, and beauty of the state. Fort Lauderdale and the surrounding area are no longer just a hot spot for college students on spring break.

Fort Lauderdale is growing and prospering, having developed into a jewel in all aspects of urban living.

The downtown area of Fort Lauderdale is flourishing, and developers are taking it all in stride with new buildings designed to accommodate the booming business needs and urban residence requirements while maintaining the integrity of the city's beauty and style.

Transportation in Fort Lauderdale is unusually smooth and easy for a city of its size; even the highways are well designed and easy to navigate.

The local airport, Fort Lauderdale International Airport, is a great facility that easily handles its 16 million annual passengers with ease.

Hundreds of miles of intracoastal waterways and canals flow through city, and ever practical, its residents use water taxis and other boats fort both convenience and pleasure. The city is known not only as the Yacht Capital of the World, but as an American Venice, too.

The city offers tremendous cultural and educational opportunities in the form of museums, theater, music, dance, and historical tours. The beautiful white sandy beaches attract happy tourists year-round, and the city's deep-sea Port, Port Everglades, is the second largest cruise ship port in the world. All this and more serve to make Fort Lauderdale a beautiful, exemplary city in the state of Florida and the future there is sunny, of course.